Bionaire Humidifier Review

Bionaire Humidifier Review

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When it comes to high quality advanced humidifiers, the Bionaire Ultrasonic humidifier is considered to be one of the best choices. It looks great in any home, but does the performance match the looks? Lets have a closer look at that below.

Product Features:
The BUL7933CT Bionaire humidifier is at the more expensive side of things with a retail price of around $89.99. However don’t let that put you off buying it just yet, as it does come with quite a long and comprehensive set of features. Firstly let’s take a look at the design of the unit. This is a tower style humidifier, which comes in a sleek black modern design. The Bionaire logo is engraved into the front of the unit in silver near the top, and the lcd display is below this. Next to the lcd on the right hand side is the dial to adjust the steam output. There are a number of different buttons below that, and the side of the unit has a silver trim. The lcd screen is quite bright and easy to read, but it can be turned off in night mode which is a great feature. It displays items such as the current humidity level, and the timer settings. You can set the humidifier to make the room a certain humidity percent, or you can choose to have it set to “always on”.
The far left button on the front turns the Bionaire humidifier on and off. Next up is the mist volume button, which controls the amount of steam output. After that is the timer button, so you can set it on a 24 hour schedule, if that is more suitable for your lifestyle. Finally we have the night light button, and next to that the button to set the clock.
Overall is is a really outstanding design, and looks futuristic while still being fairly simple and easy to operate. It certainly doesn’t look very clinical like some of the cheaper models we have seen, and this is definitely a plus in our books.

The feature list doesn’t end there however. This is one of the few filterless humidifiers available on the market, which means the running costs will be much lower. On average, most humidifiers will need a filter change monthly, and it costs between $5-$10 per filter. You can do the maths yourself, but a filterless humidifier tends to work out quite a bit cheaper in the long run. That doesn’t mean it is maintenance free however, and you will of course have to clean it around once a month to make sure it remains in good condition.
The Bionaire cool mist humidifier comes with a rotating nozzle to help disperse the mist as evenly as possible. This seems to work quite well, and ensures that the mist is well distributed. The three different steam levels work exactly as expecting, with the high setting providing a generous flow of mist, which will leave you with a damp area if left on overnight. Medium is what most people will use, as that provides a fair amount of mist without draining the tank too fast. The low setting also works as advertised, and we were quite happy with the overall performance offered by these three settings.

The capacity of the unit is 1.5 gallons. With this size tank, you should be able to get around 24 hours of usage on the medium setting and around 12 hours on the highest setting. Filling the tank up is quick and easy, which is done by turning the unit upside down and unscrewing the stopper. Once the water has run out, the “Empty Tank” light will appear on the lcd to let you know it is time for a refill. The tank itself has a dark tint to it, so seeing the current water level is sometimes a bit tricky if the humidifier is located in a darkish room. However this is only a minor complaint, but we can see why they went for this design choice as it does blend in well with overall look of the humidifier. It is fair to say that the rest of the features certainly make up for this small downside. Since it is an ultrasonic humidifier, the Bionaire BUL7933CT is very quiet when in use. Even on the highest setting it won’t disturb you at night, so it is a good choice for light sleepers. Cleaning the unit is no more trickier compared to competing models, so we don’t have any complaints in this department.

So that is a brief summary of the Bionaire Ultrasonic humidifier. It may be a little on the pricey side, but the many features do make up for it. If you are in the market for a high quality advanced humidifier then this is a decent choice. It comes standard with a one year warranty.


  • Looks great
  • Works well
  • Comprehensive LCD, which can be switched off at night
  • Built in timer
  • Filterless
  • Rotating nozzle


  • Tanks dark tint makes it hard to see water level
  • Little pricey

With a retail price of around $90, this costs a bit more than your ordinary humidifier. It does however have many good features such as being filterless, and has the ability to specify the humidity you want to achieve. With that in mind it is a good quality modern humidifier, so definitely worth a look. You can see more info on this model over on the Amazon product page.

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