Relion Humidifier Review

Relion Humidifier Review

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The Relion humidifier is a very affordable humidifier which can be found for sale online and at Walmart. The affordable price tag makes it quite a popular choice for many people, but how well does it far against the competition? Lets have a look at this machine in more detail below.

Product Features:
Compared to some of the bigger humidifier brands such as Vicks, Reli On is a bit of a newcomer in the market. They make a few healthcare related items, but they only seem to make one humidifier model. We won’t read into that too deeply however, so lets begin by examining the design. This is a fairly unique design although it is not really that visually appealing. At the same time it is also not unappealing, but it does look somewhat clinical. If you are looking for sleek and modern humidifier, you may want to keep looking! The main control point is on the front of the machine which is surrounded by a silver trim. There are only two speeds to choose from which are high and low. Like most affordable machines it is lacking the all important medium setting, so this is a bit of a letdown. On top of the white plastic base sits the tank, although there is no mention of the capacity anywhere. Our tests showed that it can hold roughly a gallon of water which should equal around 8-10 hours of water vapor on high usage and around 24 hours of operation on the low setting. At the top of the unit is a carry handle which will help to move the machine around a little easier. There is nothing to really write home about in the design department, but this is something to be expected in that particular price range.

The Relion humidifier is a cool mist humidifier which relies on filters. These should be changed about once a month, assuming you use the humidifier daily. Replacement filters generally cost around $4 per filter which is more or less what you can expect to pay for competing replacement filters. Using distilled water will help lengthen the lifespan of these filters, so keep that in mind. Aside from that you will need to do the usual humidifier maintenance steps, including draining and cleaning it to keep it in good running order. We always recommend a mix of white water and vinegar, left for around 30 minutes.
Now the real question is how well the machine actually works. Once it it switched on the red led on the front will let you know it is operation, and the water vapor is quite fine on the lowest setting. The high setting provides a much more obvious flow of vapor, which will dampen the surrounding area if left on overnight. The high output should be more than sufficient in even the driest of rooms, although the noise levels are a bit noticeable on this setting. A medium setting would have been an ideal compromise when it comes to the flow of water vapor and noise, but what most folks would do in this situation would be to simply leave it on high for a little before bed, then switch but to the low setting to maintain the humidity level. This isn’t really an ideal solution, but this is one possible way to remedy this issue if you can’t afford anything better.
So that is a quick look at the Relion model. It is cost effective, but it is very basic and lacking features. However if you are only looking for a cheap model then this is one potential choice.


  • Affordable
  • Good vapor output
  • Easy to carry


  • No medium setting
  • Need to buy filters
  • Design is a little bland

The Relion cool mist humidifier is a little on the disappointing side, as it has an uninspiring design and lacks several features. At the price of around $40 you can’t really expect too much more, but there may be better options out there.

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EDIT 2016.06.28:
It has been brought to our attention that this particular model has received a huge amount of negative reviews. We never encountered the water leakage issues ourselves, but we felt that this should be mentioned due to the widespread concerns regarding this model. If you decide to purchase this model we strongly recommend you read some user reviews first such as on the Amazon page first before committing to a purchase.